" Charlotte's Cupcake Corner: February 2010

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Little Jonny's christening cupcakes

A small family gathering deserved some special cupcakes for a little boy called Jonny. Grandad brought his three little grand-daughters to collect these, and their name all began with "J" too, so they had little pink "J"s on their own cupcakes. Lovely!

Nutty Macaroon Cookies

Well, I picked up a very excited little girl from pre-school yesterday, after a busy week off on half-term, she was thrilled to be back with her friends & teachers. So happy, that instead of the usual post-school lull, we had such a lovely mood, that we decided to bake together.

Nutty Macaroon Cookies, these were very easy to make, even with a 4 yr old, who was remarkably helpful for a change, having got to the stage where she can attempt to read parts of the recipe! I might try some of these at the forthcoming coeliac fair, although I'm not sure how in advance I could make them, as I can't do everything last minute.

Look pretty don't they?

Monday, 22 February 2010

Roll Up, Roll Up, Coeliac Gluten Free Food Fair

Come and taste delicious gluten free cupcakes in a wide selection of flavours, gorgeously chewy chocolate brownies, and beautiful powder pink macaroons with white chocolate ganache. No need to wait to order a whole giftbox or a party stand, you can purchase any of the above in whatever quantity you fancy.
Stop by early before I sell out, and be sure to say Hi!

Saturday, 20 March 2010 11:10
Location:Cricket Grounds, Pentagon Island, Derby