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Thursday, 30 January 2014

My favourites from Udis

Well, well, well, how perfectly timed - Udis sent me a massive cool-bag of goodies. There was quite a bit of chatter on twitter about this brand so I was very much looking forward to trying their brand new treats.

These crisps were my favourite, a really great texture of alternative grains, quietly tasty to begin with but then they pack a real punch, as the spice develops, and I found them really spicy!
A close second come these very welcome bagels. I wasn't sure if I'd like a cinnamon bagel, and had never eaten a "normal" bagel before my diagnosis. However, I have to tell you that these are gorgeous. I even sliced one in half and popped it in the freezer and left it untouched until Christmas Day breakfast-time. I drowned mine in strawberry jam & it was delicious.

Also, Udis brought me my first 2013 mince pie. I'd been rather spoilt for mince pies last year & I think their frangipane topping still remains my favourite. These were very pleasant though with plenty of double cream - ooh I could just eat another one now!

Thank you so much Udis. I wish one of my local
Supermarkets stocked your brand, I don't live near a Tesco so I don't shop there & haven't seen these items at any of my three nearest supermarkets. I would definitely purchase the crisps and bagels again. Personally, I don't tend to eat snacks such as the pop-tarts and found their pastry a little crumbly or perhaps powdery. I was discouraged from trying the muffins due to the number of unusual  "chemically-sounding" ingredients - someone brought that to my attention & I couldn't get passed it!
Each to their own though, sure others have listed those as favourites. 

I'm just pleased that more brands are emerging and are prepared to launch products such as bagels and pop-tarts, makes a very nice change. I think the challenge will be resisting some of these treats and continuing to try to eat healthily as coeliacs!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Udi's special delivery

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I just had to share this photo with you straight away. On my way back from school this afternoon, I was given a rather lovely special delivery. 
Udi's have sent me heaps of new Gluten free products to try out. Can you believe it, this includes Glutenfree pop tarts? Yes, pop tarts! I never tried a normal pop tart & didn't dream someone would ever make a gluten free mass produced version. How times have changed, even since I was diagnosed, which is only about 5 years ago. 
Well, I have to go and help eldest darling knock up an Autumn collage (her choice) apparently, I've got to draw a table - not my forté so don't hold your breath! 
Ill be back to let you know which Udi's goodies to seek out, they're stocked in Tesco nationwide apparently 
Have a great weekend, and be sure to seek out their stand if you're heading to the Allergy show in Liverpool over the weekend. 
Bye for now x

Sunday, 29 September 2013

It's been a while!

I know! I hope you're sitting down because I just logged into this dusty blog and I AM a bit rusty, I have to admit.

Yes, it really has been over 3 years since I last blogged. I've enjoyed tweeting with fabulous people all sharing their Glutenfree tips and have shared a few recipes in multiple 140characters at a time.

Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things & be able to bring you one or two interesting recipes, tips, shortcuts, hidden gems and join in the latest news & reviews.

I look forward to chatting again,
Until then, eat well & enjoy!
Charlotte x

Monday, 12 April 2010

Spring has sprung

Hi everyone,

Well, we have leaping lambs in the fields next to our garden, it's staying much lighter in the evenings - which brings much confusion & frustration over bedtime for a 4yr old - and we've had at least one sunny day, so it's official spring has sprung.

There's something about baking along with the seasons too, or rather decorating I suppose. These spring & Easter themed cupcakes brightened our days at Cupcake Corner, and luckily the days of lots of very keen shoppers at the Coeliac's Food Fair. Brownies flew off the table and sold out in the first hour! Thank Goodness for my wonderful nephew Matt who helped me to set up and then stayed a while longer and helped serve the first rush of hungry cupcake fans!

This week, I'm busy preparing for Thursday's Childrens' Spring workshop (still a couple of places left) so more cute bunnies, daffodils, spikey grass and very moreish mini eggs. Opening a bag of mini eggs has proved lethal, I kept polishing them off and having to send out for more supplies! As a result, I am now appearing very clearly pregnant! This baby is going to have such a sweet tooth, I must resist all these goodies a bit more!

Well, I hope you are enjoying a few rays of sunshine wherever you are, and that Spring brings you a burst of energy to start afresh

love Charlotte x

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Childrens' Spring Cupcake Worshop

invite you to an exclusive
At The Old Vicarage, Shirley, Nr Ashbourne, Derbyshire
On Thursday, 15th April 2010
Time 10:30am-3pm
Spring Cupcake Masterclass Workshop
Art and Craft
Flower arranging
Outdoor fun and games
£30 for each child (to include childcare & lunch)
Discount for siblings
(Please bring Wellingtons and Waterproofs)
For bookings please contact:-
TEL: 01335 360183/07973 264017

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Celebrity Chef Phil Vickery is Coeliac UK Food Champion

Celebrity Chef Phil Vickery is now food ambassador for Coeliac UK and he LOVES our gluten free cupcakes, when he tasted a selection, this is what he thought "I have to say I am very impressed, the packaging, colours and style is great and as for the cakes...they are very good indeed, seriously good in fact. Your ideas sound very exciting" Read the Coeliac UK announcement details just here