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Monday, 13 March 2017

Miffy Moments

Spring has definitely made a few appearances here in Derbyshire. We've had a few gloriously sunny days where the gorgeous shot of yellow daffodils brightens your day no end.
We've been out to feed newborn lambs and I've already been asked when Easter Bunny visits! 

We had a bit of a change around at half term so we had an empty room for a night. What better excuse for some indoor camping? 

Apparently, the tent was a bit smelly! They also fell asleep long before midnight so completely missed out on their stash of midnight treats! Back to school brought World Book Day, so an after school craft session making a Miffy mask and matching carrot...

One Miffy outfit later - courtesy of H&M - and off to school we go, swiftly followed by tears as a confidence crisis hit. Least she had her favourite bunny to cuddle. When I collected her from school she was all smiles. We dashed to the shops to use the book voucher and she keenly dived into her new book. 

This post follows the sad news that Dick Bruna, Miffy's creator, has passed away. Not before selling 85million copies of his little square books, ideal for small hands. We will be eternally grateful for his imagination in creating such a sweet little bunny. His stories certainly prompted a love of reading from a young age and I really hope that continues. 
Miffy lights available here 

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