" Charlotte's Cupcake Corner: "Read All About Me!!!!"

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

"Read All About Me!!!!"

I spent a lovely morning with Amber Locke the food writer for Derbyshire Life and we took lots of photos and I told her all about how Cupcake Corner started out...well, what a surprise when my hubbie brought home a copy of January's Derbyshire Life. I was quietly hoping for a tiny mention, but instead there are 3 pages, yes 3 pages, dedicated to Cupcake Corner, lots of photos and very flattering wording. That should introduce my little business to lots of people outside of my direct area, so here's to a busy 2010!!! Thanks So Much Amber...

Let me know if you get to read a copy!
love Charlotte x


  1. Way to go!! Is there a link to the magazine?? Would love to read all about you and your amazing creations!


  2. Hi Amanda, in a couple of weeks, they archive that issue then I'll post a link. Thanks for asking! and thanks for following,
    best wishes, Charlotte

  3. Congratulations, Charlotte! I'm sure you were ecstatic! And get ready for a busy life ahead of you! :D