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Thursday, 30 January 2014

My favourites from Udis

Well, well, well, how perfectly timed - Udis sent me a massive cool-bag of goodies. There was quite a bit of chatter on twitter about this brand so I was very much looking forward to trying their brand new treats.

These crisps were my favourite, a really great texture of alternative grains, quietly tasty to begin with but then they pack a real punch, as the spice develops, and I found them really spicy!
A close second come these very welcome bagels. I wasn't sure if I'd like a cinnamon bagel, and had never eaten a "normal" bagel before my diagnosis. However, I have to tell you that these are gorgeous. I even sliced one in half and popped it in the freezer and left it untouched until Christmas Day breakfast-time. I drowned mine in strawberry jam & it was delicious.

Also, Udis brought me my first 2013 mince pie. I'd been rather spoilt for mince pies last year & I think their frangipane topping still remains my favourite. These were very pleasant though with plenty of double cream - ooh I could just eat another one now!

Thank you so much Udis. I wish one of my local
Supermarkets stocked your brand, I don't live near a Tesco so I don't shop there & haven't seen these items at any of my three nearest supermarkets. I would definitely purchase the crisps and bagels again. Personally, I don't tend to eat snacks such as the pop-tarts and found their pastry a little crumbly or perhaps powdery. I was discouraged from trying the muffins due to the number of unusual  "chemically-sounding" ingredients - someone brought that to my attention & I couldn't get passed it!
Each to their own though, sure others have listed those as favourites. 

I'm just pleased that more brands are emerging and are prepared to launch products such as bagels and pop-tarts, makes a very nice change. I think the challenge will be resisting some of these treats and continuing to try to eat healthily as coeliacs!

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