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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Miffy - memories in the making

Hello, nice of you to stop by, if you're looking to enter the Miffy giveaway competition, feel free to scroll to the bottom of this post and leave your details - good luck! 

I'm chuffed to bits to be able to offer someone else the chance to win their own "sensory Miffy". Our youngest has always been fond of bunnies. When she was a teeny baby, Beatrice Potter's Peter Rabbit was on her wall. Her next favourite rabbit was Boo from Belle and Boo fame, such beautiful illustrations.
http://belleandboo.com Then when she was a little tot, I bought her first Miffy and there's been no going back ever since! She has her absolute favourite Miffy, the same one goes to bed with her every night and gets a bit grubby every now and again! 

Her Miffy family seems to be constantly growing, she has six now! They regularly make an appearance at the breakfast table, in fact Miffy pretty much goes wherever she's needed!

She would probably say that the highlight of her year was attending the Miffy charity film premiere in London as she got to meet "real" Miffy. In fact, she was so enamoured after her meet and greet, that we had to return to the back of the queue and wait in line all over again for a second cuddle! 
It was lovely to see cartoon Miffy up on the big screen. 

The great news is Miffy’s Adventures: Big and Small launches on Tiny Pop on 2 October 2015, at 7pm and will consist of seven minute long episodes which see Miffy and her friends exploring the exciting world around her.  I know one little lady who will definitely be watching! Will you?

She turned 5 this summer and I planned a mini bedroom makeover - Miffy style of course! 

Her face was a picture when she saw her new room. 

I used some leftover scraps of fabric for little cushions. Luckily I found some a Miffy prints at a London market and popped them into IKEA frames. I spotted a run of bunting at a bargain price due to a little tear but once it's up in the wall you can't tell. We already had the little IKEA cots and had placed an order for Miffy cot blankets with Jane Foster last year. 
Once it was all put together I think it looked fab, and it made the birthday girl very happy indeed! Lucky little one 

Vintage books upcycled into bunting available here

From time to time, jane foster creates Miffy cushions and blankets, her Etsy shop is here 

Similar clip it panels by IXXI are available here 

If you'd like to win a sensory Miffy, simply add a comment below and let me know who it's for, hope you win & enjoy the new TV programme!  


  1. Well- I browsed your post out of curiosity and A grabbed the phone and started saying 'Bunny! Bunny!' So I couldn't not enter after that ;)

  2. Is the give away one the six foot tall one? I quite fancy having one of those

  3. Would be for my 1 year old daughter who is miffy mad XX <3

  4. I would love to win for my niece :) Thanks for the chance!

  5. Wow my little boy would adore this, he's Miffy mad I would love to win this for him, thank you for the chance :)

  6. Wow what a fab bedroom!

    I'd love to win for my Son, Markus =) We all love Miffy, thanks for the chance =)

  7. I'd love to win for my son I'm looking for good sensory play toys and who doesn't love miffy!

  8. Hello everyone, nice flurry of new visitors, wonder how you found me...
    Sorry to say that the competition has now closed as the winner was drawn at the weekend to coincide with Miffy's new TV programme being launched, the winner was Carly.
    Hope you get your hands on a Miffy toy for your own little one
    Have a great afternoon, charlotte

  9. i would love to win it for my baby he will def love it xx