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Monday, 2 November 2009

Halloween at Cupcake Corner HQ

trick or treat? well it was a tricky halloween this year, I'd planned a little get together with a couple of our friends and their kiddies. Trouble was, my OH woke up with a headache, and our daughter seemed exhausted - I put it down to her getting over a cold and burst ear drum and lack of sleep earlier in the week - poor thing :o(

ten minutes before the party was due to start, she feel fast asleep, and I didn't have the heart to wake her. We enjoyed some drinks and snacks and I woke her up for all the kids to play a few spooky party games inside and out, as soon as she'd filled her cup with treats after the outside treasure hunt, she started to cry and Rich took her to the lounge for a cuddle to settle her down. Well, that's where they both feel asleep for the duration of the evening!

We had more Trick or Treaters than usual, maybe that's something to do with the cupcake sign at the bottom of the drive??!! I greeted the door in my red devil mask - but do you know what? Not one of our tricksters actually had a trick planned, they just expected treats!

The rest of us had a nice time, eating Lamb Tagine gluten free naturally, and kids had a wonderful party tea, care of Luisa. Followed by a yummy lemon posset care of Lynne and gluten free cupcakes of course. Favourite cupcake was the spooky ghost who topped our little stand, which one would you choose? Leave me a comment and I'll know which designs to keep for next year

Hope you had a fun Halloween x


  1. They look awesome. I wish I was creative as you. I'd love to set up my own deli here in Cornwall following the success of my food blog but have yet to make the leap from boring planning officer. Plus I have just had my second child (10 days old) so not sure if I would have the time and effort to put to it.

  2. Oh my goodness, you have an ickle 10 day old, congratulations!!! Boy or Girl? It's fun to be a bit creative, but quite hard to make it pay. It's nice to do for fun though isn't it, if you can still find time for that with a newborn?! Very best of luck X